Jacky L.
Max O.

Our Design team is the core engineering group on our team, coming up with designs quickly and transferring into CAD Software for reference.

Oscar H. (Division Lead)
Adelita Y.
Jacob S.
Niko H.
Ellie L.
Brooke M.
Aisha A.
Bryce N.

Build covers all of the assembly, fabrication, and mechanical tasks during the build season. Ranging from Machining to Welding, there are many tasks our Build team has to cover.


Niko H.
Ben D.
Spencer H.

We have a great Electrical Team covers all of the wiring, soldering, electrical engineering, and control systems on our team.


Spencer H. (Division Lead)

With a growing programming team, we currently use IntelliJ to program our robot with Java code.

Media & Communications

Tate M.Z. (Division Lead)
Danny G.
Giovanni D.

Our Media team captures all of the footage we post on our website, social media, and include in our newsletters. They are always there to document the great moments on our team! Our communications team handles all business and outreach aspects of our team, from contacting sponsors to press releases to internal team communications, it’s all handled by this division.