Designer IV


Perform 12 - Complete ideation and system-integrated robot design


To become a Master of Design, students will be able to take charge of the full robot design and integration. This involves the ability to have a global understanding of how every system on a robot works together to complete game goals. The ownership of the full robot assembly ensuring that all mechanisms to not interfere with each other is critical.

Perform 13 - Development and leadership of lesson plans to pass along skills/knowledge


To become a Master of Design students need more than just personal skill in Design, they must pass these skills on to other students. The development of new lessons and leading these is an important part of reaching the Master badge.

Perform 13 - Creating a new system/method in team’s CAD practices


To become a Master of Design students will push forward Team 3100’s CAD methods. An example would be setting a new standard for common practices such as bracket design.