Designer II


Perform 6 - Design parts for simple functional mechanisms


To complete Designer II, students must be able to design parts that will be used in functional, moving mechanism. This includes things like shooters, elevators, climbers, etc. This will involve working with the people responsible for the full mechanism or robot design to ensure all subsystems work together.

Perform 7 - Complete subsystem assemblies given COTS and custom designed parts


To complete Designer I, students must be able to take a given design with the associated custom and COTS parts and combine them into a subsystem assembly. The ability to take multiple parts and mate them together into a completed CAD assembly is required.


Perform 8 - Able to identify components required to complete assemblies of subsystems


To complete Designer I, students will need to be able to identify when there are missing components in a subsystem assembly design. This can include things like spacers, nuts/bolts, basic linkages, etc. The student should be able to take a mostly completed design and bring it to a finished state.