Drilling and Finishing

Fabrication 3 - Sanding and Filing

The ability to remove small amounts of wood, metal, and plastic can be done with filing and sanding. Filing is typically used to remove more material while sanding is used to remove small amounts of material, to smooth out burs, and to give a certain surface finish (shinyness) to materials. Students will need to become comfortable using files, belt sanders, and orbital sanders to progress.


Introductory Filing

Filing Metals

Orbital Sander

Fabrication 4 - Cordless Power Drill

Cordless power drills are used for a number of applications in FRC robotics. These include: 

  • Drilling holes
  • Driving metal fasteners
  • Driving wood screws 
  • Running prototype shafts.

Understanding how these tools function and their different settings is critical to both using them correctly and efficiently.


Drilling and Driving


Fabrication 5 - Drill Press

The drill press allows for more downward force to be applied when drilling, as well as clamping the parts so that reasonably precise hole locations can be drilled or expanded. Understanding of how to set up work pieces and drill through them is an important skill to learn.


Drill Press 101