Welcome to Turtle Tiers Training

The Lightning Turtles are establishing a step-by-step training program for all our student members to improve their skills in the divisions below.  In each, you'll find a Tech Tree that lays out the sequence of training modules and how each relates to earning badges as you complete each tier - from Initiate to Master

A multi-level training program that starts with tools and parts, incorporates woodworking, basic and advanced machining and assembly and ends with mastery of CNC and machine management.


A multi-level training progam that stars with a SolidWorks Intro and works the student up through part design, CAD efficient designs, assembly, CAD-to-FAB, subsystem design and finally reaching top-level designer requirements in order to achieve mastery.


A multi-level training program in electrical that starts out with basics in wiring and then moves into pneumatics, wiring harness design, battery management, electrical prototyping design, sensors and finally working with Altium and SolidWorks Electrical as a master.


A multi-level training program for programming - focusing early on in the basics of setting up IDEs, learning Java basics and syntax and structure, and then moving into control theory, motor and sensor control and ending up in mastery of high-level automated algorithms and competition code editing.