Tools and Parts

Theory 1 - Tool Identification

The ability to recognize the name and function of the tools used for robotics fabrication and assembly is critical to being able to construct a functioning robot. The expectation for this level is that the student knows what each machine can do, not how to use each machine. For instance, the understanding that the shear is used to cut large rectangular pieces of sheet metal or sheet plastic, while the horizontal bandsaw would be used to cut long pieces of box tubing.


Tool Identification

Theory 2 - Machine Threads

Machine threads are found everywhere on a robot, most often as part of bolts or nuts. An understanding of the common threads used in robot construction (10-32, 1/4-20, etc.) and how to recognize and assemble parts with them is critical.


Screw Threads 

Fabrication 2 - Part Numbering

In order to ensure that the correct parts are made in the right quantities and styles, an understanding of how the part numbering system works is required to move forward with the Build Division. This includes both how the system works and where parts are placed during fabrication, as well as how to edit the status of a part after you have finished an operation on it.


Part Numbering (To Come)