Hole Modification


Fabrication 12 - Hand Tapping and Dieing

Tapping (making internal screw threads) and Dieing (making external screw threads) are an important technique in FRC fabrication. They allow custom parts to connect easily and strongly to both COTS and other custom parts. Tapping is used much more often than dieing in FRC, but both techniques need to be learned progress on in the Build Division.


Cutting Thread

Fabrication 13 - Counterboring and Countersinking

Modifying holes to accept special fitting types is a more advanced technique in fabrication. Counterboring involves drilling a partial second hole that is co-radial (has the same center) as an existing hole so that the top of a socket head cap screw will fit just below the surface of the material. Countersinking is used allow a flathead bolt with a conical taper to site flush with the surface of a material. These techniques allow for a bolt to be used in a location where the bolt head would otherwise be an obstruction.  Both require the use of special tools and the knowledge of how to use them correctly.