Assembly I


Assembly 1 - Rivets

Rivets are typically used in FRC to inexpensively join materials together, especially when a bolt and nut cannot be used due to no access. In general “blind rivets” are used, where access to only one side of a hole is needed. An understanding of how to use rivets and the associated pneumatic rivet gun is an important skill for an FRC assembler. In addition, although generally rivets are intended to be permanent, an understanding of how to remove them is also needed.


Pneumatic Rivet Gun

Measuring Thickness to Select Rivet Length

Assembly 2 - Nuts and Bolts

Bolts and nuts are core parts used to fasten materials together in FRC. There are a variety of types and options, as well as methods for using them in assemblies. An understanding of the tools and techniques used to fasten materials together with them is critical to a Build Division member.


Nut and Bolt Basics


Assembly 3 - Zip Ties

Zip ties are an extremely inexpensive and easy to use fastening tool. They are not nearly as strong as rivets or nuts and bolts, but they are more flexible, faster to assemble, and better at dealing with rounded surfaces. An understanding of when, where, and how to use them is an important skill.


Zip Tie Intro